Where did the name come from?

In 1998 Nesta setup up his fourth studio in an old two storey Fish and Chip Shop in the heart of Port Adelaide, the business grew and in 2009, after 11 years, we shut shop and moved to the corner of Grand Junction Road and Clancy Street, Rosewater, number 76. One block east of the Rosewater Hotel.

The Fish Shop Studio and 5 rehearsal rooms have been acoustically designed and are quality facilities. We would go as far as saying we have the best sounding and designed rooms in South Australia.  We take pride in our rooms and they are cleaned on a daily basis.



The Fish Shop


There is easy load in and load out for your equipment, kitchen facilities including tea/coffee, microwave, fridge, drink vending machine and plenty of parking.  There also several takeaway shops within easy walking distance and a pub just up the road.  For those on public transport we are about a 10 minute walk from Alberton Train Station(on the Outer Harbour line), and a one minute walk from Bus top 36, Grand Junction Road, Rosewater.  Buses that travel past are the 230, 232 and the 254.

To contact the Fish Shop call Nesta or Robyn on 8240 4304 if you have any queries or wish to book any studio time or rehearsal sessions. Please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

 ** Enquiries only via email, NO Bookings please *** 

Email us on …… hookup@fishshopstudio.com.au

Nesta Mitchell has had almost 30 years of audio experience in the Music Industry, performing, mixing, teaching and recording over 500 bands, artists and music projects. Initially trained as a classical guitarist, soon moving onto modern music and rock bands.

1980’s – With the beginnings of home studio recording emerging in the early 80’s, a spate of cassette based studio albums were developed. This along with mixing local bands live and playing in a string of Adelaide bands during the 80’s including Doctor Damage, Tall Hairy Cats, The Music Man good time party band and Katz Kurio.
1991 – saw the first commercial recording studio (Butchered Records), then housed in Franklin Street at the then MMM community  Radio station (now 3D Radio). The studio boasted a kit mixing desk, some basic microphones and outboard gear, a dividing wall that did little to stop sound, no air conditioning and a toilet very close by,  with the on-air studio about 10 metres away.
1992 – Butchered did many local recorded bands, and “Live to air” recordings for 3D radio, including  Hobson’s Choice, Neutral Alignment, Kranktus, Leila goes Hypo, Mic Cytowicz and the Everflamin’ blues band, Zarathruster, Reckoning and many more.
1993 –  saw our first release of local music entitled “The Sound Barrier”  CD. Bands included Planet 5, The Fabulous Fruitbatz, Happy Patch, Workmans Tonic, The Grudge, The Millards, Babaganush, The Mysterons and Imelda’s Shoes.
1994 – saw the second release of The Millards “hop frog” EP
1996 – moved to a new location in Hindmarsh and created the “Dugout “ studio
1998 –  begins the  Fish Shop Recording and Rehearsal studio now located at Rosewater.
1999 – saw a joint electronica/techno compilation project of local artists with Will Menz, entitled ‘Fluid Fusion”.
2000– Nesta began teaching basic music setup and IT skills with Adult education through WEA, and continues now with accredited music training to young people through High Schools and community organizations. Nesta has an Advanced Diploma of Music Industry (Technical), Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment, Certificate IV in Small Business Management and Certificate IV in Audio Servicing.
2007 – saw another joint  project with the compilation release of “Nice girls don’t play rock’n roll” compilation with Dot  Pawlowski, bands included The Peaves, Bloody Rascal, Star Ten Hash, Ricochet Pete, Toxic Shock, Miss Golly Gosh and Obdurate Seduction.
2008 – moved to our final location at Rosewater.

Bands recorded and worked with over the last ten years include:

The Giveaways, Delamare, System Addicts, Paper Radio(now Hurricane Jane), Thunder boys, Fiendish Cavendish, Gravel faced Racers, Roadside Slashers, Sycamore Road, Van Cleef, Glen Skuthorpe, Molting Vultures, The Driven, Blu Flame Special, Life of Reilly, 12 straight months of winter, Fizzy Pop, Tabula Rasa, Poeticool Justice, Glamville, Off the gun (now Vintage Fire), Kanius, Turtleheads, The Castavets, Les Goolies, Officer Down, Barkers Nest, Green Circles, Indaylight Tragedy, Flipside, Bakewell Street,  Miratone, Red Baron, The Wilchez Experience,  Jazzbird, Ramonettes, A Take on Franklin, Leather Messiah, Peterhead, Vampire Project, Monkey Box, Exploding Cactus, Kamikazie  and many more.

 Archived Fish Shop video footage… 



Best rehearsal rooms in Adelaide, South Australia with in house personal service. Break a string? Left your lead at home? need a quad box? We can help. 5 acoustically designed rehearsal rooms, great sounding and clean. Dedicated parking for loading in and out. Rehearsals are available 7 days a week.

Phone (08) 8240 4304