The studio is based around a 24 Channel Mackie 8 bus mixing console, through a digital PC Platform running a MOTU 192 interface.


Adobe Audition

Sonar 8 Producer Edition

ProTools 7.5 with a Mac G4 and 002 and BehringerADA8000 converters

Outboard/Preamps include

Universal Audio 6176

TLA 5150 pre

Joe Meek twin Q

ART mic pre pro

Golden Age vintage pre 73

Roland RE-201 space echo

Korg A1 multi FX

Yamaha SPX900

Behringer 2600 compressor

Microphones include

Shure KSM 44 / SM 57’s / SM 58’s and Beta 57’s/58

Beyer M88’s

Sennheiser MD 421′s,e602 and e609

Legacy Axis 80 ribbon and Electro-Harmonix EH-R1 ribbon

AKG 414 / C451’s / D330 / D12e

Rode NT2 /NT3’s/ NT5’s

Studio Projects B1

SE 2200A

Avatone CV-12 valve


MXL V67i

Audio Technica AT2020’s/AT 2021’s